Thursday, May 31, 2007

Home lot

Here is my home site (right next to this home under construction) where my new kb home will be built. We need to approve the upgrades we are doing. Then they will start work on our home. We will be living on Legend dr. Nice street name.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Really excited about this one!

I just wanted to share my newest custom jewelry that I offer my clients. It is made by this really good jeweler who only does the jewelry for photographers to sell to their clients. I still need to order some samples. but here is some of what I offer. ( the picture shown on the piece of jewelry is a picture I took for a client I photo shopped it in so that the client can in vision it on the jewelry to order better.) let me know what you think. I love them it is awesome.

On the low down...


I have been really busy. lots of new clients with my photography business. Lots of learning more things with my photography biz. Still feel so unorganized need to figure out how to do everything in a timely manner. Then busy with our new home that is in the works. I am having a home built in Surprise, AZ. It will be done in November this year. My hubby and I have been having too much fun picking out colors and how we are going to decorate. I'll try to take a picture of our color scheme and how we are decorating. I am in the process of saving up for black hardwood flooring. I have been dreaming of it for years. (really I have, love it that my hubby Love's it.) Another cool thing is that I will have a studio in my home. I am turning my living room into a studio it has a powder room attached so it is perfect. The front door leads you right to it. The rest of the house is in the back. Really can't wait for that. I know it will boost sales. Hope my neighbors won't mind me doing biz in my home.

check out my house here

So that's what I have been doing. I'll try to post some more pictures and comments.