Sunday, November 25, 2007

Look I've got a Gummy eye ball!

Here is what you do when you find a gummy eye ball in your trick or treating candy bag. You take a big look at it. Add another eye ball to your two existing eye balls then through it in the garbage cause mom is has red ooze that looks like something else plus it feels too life like for Kiefer to really take a bit. Who could blame him.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween fun!

All done!

I asked him for a picture

baby audrey with candy bag

audrey the Lamb

(yes, I made this costume it was fun to make)

kiefer as captin jack sparrow

ethan elmo (I made this costume too)

my nefew Mavrick

my niece maddie

trick or treat!

I think it is a trick

kiefer with his cousin maddie and kassidy. two of kassidies friends.

My kids a fun with their cousins. We went to my brother in law's neigbor hood for trick or treating. Everyone was nice. Kiefer was a pirate, ethan was elmo and audrey was a lamb. Ethan got the hang of it fast. He would go ahead of us it was hard to keep up with him. He loved it. he'd ring the door bell then hold out his bag say trick or treating and then after he got the treat he'd say thank you. We did trunk or treating this year with our ward. He got confused when we were trick or treating he would some times go up to a trick or treater and trick or treat to them. That was funny.