Sunday, April 22, 2007

What Stinks?

I'll tell you what stinks these Apprentice commercials stinks. The Apprentice teams each made a commercial for Renuzit and we are suppose to pick the best one. The problem is they both stink; they are really dumb. I casted my vote for the court one. Take a look at these and vote. let me know what you think about these. I am surprised both teams come up with really dumb commercials. but they seem to always do so why am I surprised. I guess I am wish they'd take notes on the past seasons and then do it better.

Register to win the trip them you get to view each commercial to vote on.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Manamana Craze

Bring your kiddies over and push play. Pop some popcorn you'll be repeating it most likely. My kids ask me to play it again. I thought It was very very funny.

let kids read

Here is my nefew reading his book.

I want to redo this pose on some hardwood flooring.

Let me know what you think.

Latest pictures & My turn to Vent!!

Hi Guys,

I just need to vent some where of my frustration. I am frustrated over my photography lately. I am joined to many photography groups where photographers all over the world get together and post their pictures. Then we all look at them then comment what wonderful work they are doing. All my pictures I get 5 comments total out of all my43 pictures and Lately I have been really trying and still don't get any response. I feel like I must suck as a photographer. I am frustrated. I want and need to be the best and I feel like I am no where close. My Mom says I do fantastic work and so does the rest of my family even my extended family. But for me that is not enough I want the photography world to say I am good. I need to reinvent my self. I just need to brain storm.

Any way here is my latest work with my sisters baby.

Thanks for letting me vent.
Have a great day! And remember "Every Artist Is A Cannibal." by U2


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Welcome Gentry Randolph

Congratulations Randolph's !
Welcome Gentry!

My sister Shantil just had her third baby it's a Boy! She has Josiah age 4, Dayton age 2, and now baby Gentry age 3 days old. He was born April 2nd 2007 9 ponds (even) at 1:00pm. He is really cute. I love newborns they are so cute. Mom and baby are doing great and my go home from the hospital today.

Captain Kiefer Sparrow

I found this awesome location by my home in a canal. Has grown trees in there it was a great location for a pirate. So I took Kiefer on a photo shoot yesterday. Dressed him up as a pirate. I cut off some of the wig's fr eying yarn then used that to create his goatee. I used honey to attach it to him. I think it look really cool. Here the finished invitation I worded it so it read like if a pirate was telling you about something worth going to. Also I added some pictures from the shoot. We are celebrating his birthday this weekend it is a bit late. It is a pirate theme so I thought I'd create his birthday party invitations at the last minute.