Monday, March 24, 2008

Save the green stuff!

Hi guys I have another blog about saving big on your shopping bill for food and toiletries. I have a program called Coupon Sense ( If you have it in your area I would encourage you to sign up asap. Since I have been doing coupon sense I went from saving $0.00 to 87% of my food bill.

I went from spending around 600.00 per month to now paying 120.00 per month that is including toilet paper, tooth paste, eye contact solution, tooth brushes, and laundary & dish soap.

WOW! I know that is why I wanted to tell everyone about it. I now find my own deals that is why I made Catch the savings blog to share the savings I find it has nothing to do with coupon sense. If you want more savings then you got to sign up for coupon sense. If it is not in your area or state then on my blog I tell you a free membership website that does simmular stuff as coupon sense that you can do on your own.

Please check that blog often I update with all sorts of free or next to free info.

GO check it out and get saving!