Wednesday, August 20, 2008

what most chuck e cheese's looks like today

here is what the chuck e cheese stage looked like today

Chuck e cheeses

I have been thinking for a while how it is too bad chuck e cheese remodled there resturant leaving out the full band. I loved the full band. The only thing freaky was the clapping animal hands around the room. So I contacted chuck e cheese and asked if there were any old school chuck e cheese's left. They said yes and it turns out it was not too far from my home. So we went there tonight. It was really fun to see the whole band. There was no clapping animal hands just chuck e chess, that girl bird, the monster on the keyboard, the dog on the gutar, and the cook on the drums. My kids loved it and this one had a lot better rides then the closest one to me. I am going to go to every chuck e cheese in AZ to see all the old school stages.

What's your thoughts on chuck e cheese. Do you remember the clapping animal hands? Have you seen a location that has that still recently?

Chuck E Cheeses