Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cute Baby Audrey and We got a New Puppy!

Here is our new puppy it is a male dog we named him "Remington". It is a purebred Britany dog. He is funny our kids love him. My hubby named him. He is a hunting dog. We plan on training him to hunt birds since he is a bird hunting dog. Yes he is named after a gun company. I think it is a cute name. He is 7 weeks old now.

Here is a rare image a picture of my baby Audrey. She hates her picture taken with a passion. Glad to get one where she isn't crying or hand in my camera.

Star Pupil

Kiefer is being featured in his class this week. Here is the picture we used for his board. He was so hard to get this shot. I didn't have any current pictures of him so I had to get him to do a quick photo shoot. out of 75 pictures only three turned out. He is such a stinker when it comes to having me take his picture.

All my kids are like that. I should post the type of pictures I get when I try to take their pictures. I get talk to the hand shots. Audrey will even grab my lens and push it up saying "no", don't wanna". This would be done on my very first attempt. So that is why I don't have a bunch of pictures of my kids cause when they are doing something cute and I grab the camera to capture the moment the moment is gone as soon as they see me with a camera. Photographers syndrome sucks!

I'll get off my soap box now!

Anyway Kiefer has only gotten in trouble twice with the teacher. Once he was running around the room and the teacher asked him to sit down and join the class but he wouldn't. I can picture this happening and I think it sounds funny. But I didn't let Kiefer know that. Then the second time he didn't listen to the teacher.

I think Kiefer will love to have some attention in his class when they spot light hime.

I can't believe he is 5 and already in school. Time fly's!