Friday, January 11, 2008

This is going to be one Crazy year

After reading my cousin Lynnette's blog about how she donated her hair to locks of love. I thought how that was really neat. I have always wanted to do that. So I made up my mind I was going to do it. In the past when I went to salons they wouldn't do it for me they would talk me out of it. So after looking on the locks of love website I followed their instructions and did it. I cut my hair! My hair was 14 inches long with layers. I divided it up into four 10 inch pony tails and then cut them off. Then went to a salon to have them fix my hair to look good. I love my new hair cut. Yes it is way shorter then I would normally would go but I just think of the child receiving a wig with my hair in it and the joy that child will feel. It is so worth it. I love having hair I can't imagine being bald for good.

A plus for me is it took me one hour to wash my long hair and now it takes 5 minuets. It took me 3 hours to style my hair then by half way into the day it looked all goofy and undone. Now it takes me 10 minuets and my hair stays styled all day long. It helps so much having three little ones and a ton of stuff to do each day. Because it took me so long to do stuff to my hair I wore a pony tail all the time. So it is really nice to be able to style it in a short time and do many different dos. Yes, I do plan on growing my hair out. My goal is when it is long again I will have lost all my baby weight. So it is really a win win thing. Some child gets a wig and I gain back some control to my busy life. I can just see this year for me is going to be One Crazy year.

Pick above was taken last saturday at a bridal show the booth next to mine was a photo booth. The Idea is to have the bride have it their for her guests. It is a really cool thing now day weddings are doing. Check it out at my other blog.

My four 10 inch pony tails for Locks of Love

Me in shock of what I just did.

I'm happy what I did no regrets. Bye bye long hair!