Sunday, May 11, 2008

My baby is 21 months old already. Recent photo shoot

Love her little feet here in this picture.

pic above she had it. no more after only one min. geez girl!

going for a vintage feel.

she is just a typical photographers child.
After a minute photoshoot she had enough. She told me "don't want it!"
I have wait six months to do a photo shoot and she still has the photographers child syndrome. Dang girl I need pictures of you before your 16.
She is really funny. She can talk really well and forms sentences all the time. Love to see her run giggle and copy her brothers and try to keep up with them. We got a pet ferret and name it Rex she calls him Rexi. so cute! Need to post some pictures of that.
Will try to update this soon. More then welcome to leave some blog love ! Love hearing from you guys!